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Yes, TabNote is completely free to use as it’s an open source web extension and it can be used offline as well.

TabNote is a tool that you can use as either clipboard, a notepad or both at the same time. Paste your links and clippings and type down notes at the same time.

TabNote offers many customization options - all you have to do is right-click on the TabNote icon in the toolbar of your browser and find the "Options" section in the drop-down menu. This will lead you to a Settings page where you can change font size, family, color and background color as well as shift between different eye comfort modes.

Yes, you can! Just click Ctrl+S and your files will be saved as a .html extension that you can view again in your browser.

No, your notes are 100% saved locally, so they will remain safe and off the radar of intrusive eyes.

Yes, TabNote is an open source extension managed on GitHub and licensed under the MIT license.

Yes, you can fork the repository and after adding some code lines you can make a pull request.